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Motumal Tanumal is a synonym of Sharbat. Motumal Tanumal is the one who stands first in the field of Sharbat since last seven decades. It is Motumal Tanumal that makes the Ahmedabad people go crazy for Sharbat and provides varieties of Sharbat that add taste and refreshment in the hot summer.

1947 is the year of ‘India-Pakistan Partition’. In this horrible time, an 18-19 years old boy crossed the border facing all the troubles. He didn’t have anything except his clothes. But yes, he had one thing and that is craftsmanship of making Sharbat. A beautiful art that is entirely handmade and it helped him to stand in all difficulties. Through the progressive steps, he achieved the success.

Shri. Motumal was born in ‘Sindh’. He was brought up in the village named ‘Sakhar’ in Sindh. After partition of India Pakistan Shri. Motumal moved to different places of India like Mumbai, Agra, Mathura etc., and finally settled in Ahmedabad with his family.

After coming to Ahmedabad he started his business of Sharbat without losing courage. He owned a lorry of Sharbat in his village ‘Sakhar’. For long years, there had been a decorative lorry of Sharbat in Ahmedabad, near Kalupur Railway Station. And there always been a crowd to experience the refreshment in summer. There always been an attraction of Sharbat among the children, youngsters, adults and old people. Even one glass of Sharbat satisfied them.

A small shop was converted into a bigger one. He diversified by adding new flavours in a few types of Sharbat. With his son Mr. Kanaiyalal Motumal Kukreja and Grand Sons became helping hand, the business was spreaded over. There is only one name in Sharbat business and its Motumal Tanumal Sharbatwala’s Sons. 


This is the third generation in the business. The business is more than 70 years old, but from the day 1 till today, Sharbat is made by ourselves though having lots of varieties and demands so that standard of quality never gets declined. The secret of our success is-use of standard raw material, give enough attention, neither any carelessness nor any deficiency in work.

When the business was started, we were making 4 to 5 types of flavours which then after increases and today Motumal Tanumal Sharbatwala’s Sons is offering more then 60 sorts of sharbat. The colorful bottles attract the people.

Which flavour people like the most?’ Here are the Indian flavour is prevailing amongst the people. Almond, Cream, Rose, Khus, Thandai, Kachi keri, Falsa, Kesar kasturi and Orange are their most popular Sharbats. The names of Sharbat are also different and nice like Ratrani, Dilbahar, Almonchio, Coco roso, Mogra, etc.
We have also added Sugar Less Sharbats in our menu for diabetic and calorie conscious customer.

Thandai is a drink that is suitable in hot summer. In summer mostly people do not like plain milk but if two table spoon of Thandai is added in it, the whole taste will change. Even we can make ice-cream by adding this Thandai in milk.


No compromise in quality of product, hard work and continuous planning for success. Visit our shop you will find the varieties of sharbat.

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